Educational Programs

Communities Rising (CR) provides quality educational opportunities for all students, with a focus on children from marginalized communities. Our Literacy Project is a program that teaches English by focusing on reading. Our After School Program provides students in primarily rural villages with a STEAM+ curriculum. Our Summer Camp provides our students with exposure to athletics, the arts, and STEM activities in an informal residential environment.

CR’s Primary Objectives:

  • Building a strong culture of reading through our Literacy Project

  • Providing a STEAM+ curriculum for students in our after-school program

  • Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning into all of our academic programs

  • Creating learning environments where children are engaged

Engagement in learning, through discussion and dialogue, is a major contributor to our students’ achievement. We have seen that our students are more likely to be engaged if their classrooms are inviting spaces where trust, respect, and optimism are communicated to all students.

CR Classroom Practices:

  • Create an intentionally inviting classroom by building positive relationships between teachers and students

  • Students know that each student matters and contributes to the class

  • Students understand that mistakes are opportunities for learning and not something to fear

  • Students believe that success comes from hard work and persistence rather than innate ability, and we expect everyone in our programs to be successful