During the past 8 years over 1800 campers and Indian and American volunteers have participated in CR’s residential summer camp.  Each May, campers spend 5 days learning to swim, take photos and shoot videos, dance, build and program robots, and make craft projects. Camp activities help to develop students’ creativity, athletic, STEM and English skills.

A broad range of talented volunteers share their time and talents with campers each year. Dozens of Indian students and young adults join students from American University in Washington, DC to volunteer as camp counselors. A Chennai film maker shares his videography skills and for the past two years, world class marathon runners have brought the joy of running to the camp. Each camp day starts with a 6am run and exercises. On the last day, campers and staff complete a 5K run.

Last year, for the first time, a free reading session was scheduled after morning runs. Campers had access to over 500 Pratham books printed specially for camp. Counselors listened to children read and many campers said it was their favorite part of camp. Each camper was able to select a book to take home when camp ended.

All students are welcome at camp including CR’s disabled students and developmentally disabled students from the Satya Special School in Pondicherry. Student films can be found at, and