Communities Rising is governed by a volunteer, unpaid, board of directors.


Elizabeth K. McCoy, President/CEO

Betsy founded Communities Rising in 2009 and now works full-time for CR. She lives in India for about six months each year. Betsy has been working with the Dalit community in south India for over ten years. Her efforts have focused on education, international service learning programs, gender discrimination, the disabled and human rights.

Betsy practiced law in Pennsylvania for 30 years. She worked as a litigator for the firm of Eckert, Seamans, Cherin & Mellott and as a government lawyer for Pennsylvania’s Offices of General Counsel, Superior Court and Office of Attorney General.

Betsy has also been actively involved in community and school service in the U.S. She has volunteered for the Red Cross and worked in Louisiana as an emergency vehicle driver following hurricane Katrina. Her six children all volunteer with CR.


Elizabeth Blong, Treasurer

Liz works for Ernst & Young in their Financial Services practice in New York City. She is a 2007 graduate of Villanova University where she earned a dual degree in Accounting and Finance.

Liz has a substantial amount of experience traveling and working in developing countries, including volunteering for three months with CR’s Service Adventours program in India.


andy mccoy

Andy started his experience in India during high school by filming “Tsunami Smiles,” a documentary about the relief efforts following the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. Shortly after producing the film, Andy started working with Communities Rising.

He led classes with Communities Rising students in Computer Literacy and connected American college and high school students to CR’s volunteer program program. He is responsible for digital marketing for Communities Rising.

Andy is a 2011 graduate of the Savannah College of Art and design where he studied Art History. He is currently a senior software engineer at Collective Health in San Francisco, California.


Matt McCoy, Secretary

Matt has been actively involved in the development of the Communities Rising educational program. During CR’s first year, he was based in India, and was instrumental in organizing the staff and curriculum. During that same year, he taught spoken English for 1600 middle school students at the Petit Seminaire in Puducherry, India. Since 2007, he has spent a substantial amount of time working for non-profit organizations in India and the U.S.

Matt works as the Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President for Research at Columbia University in New York. He is a 2008 graduate of American University where he studied International Relations, interned for the Brookings Institution and was actively involved in the Alternative Break program which organizes service learning programs for students.


Kelly reilly

Kelly got her start with Communities Rising in 2011 as an undergraduate. She has traveled to India four times in support of three CR summer camps and a three-month internship.

She joined Accenture Federal Services in April 2015 where she works with multilateral, nonprofit, and security clients. Her experience includes Organizational Change Management through her work with strategic communications, marketing, and training. Kelly also has experience in research, business development, curriculum development, teaching, and grant writing.

Kelly works in Washington DC. She graduated from American University with a B.A. in International Relations with a focus in Development.


jacob wenger

Jacob first visited India in the winter of 2008, running a soccer camp for over 250 children. Jacob has remained active with CR for the past nine years and plans to head back for a longer trip in 2017 to teach students how to program.

Jacob is a software developer and entrepreneur living in San Francisco who works on the Firebase team at Google. He is a 2012 graduate of Notre Dame where he studied Computer Science. He formerly worked at Microsoft in Seattle.


kathy yorkievitz

Kathy fell in love with Communities Rising in 2015 when she volunteered for six weeks to help coach the teams that went to the First Lego League robotics competition. She also taught in CR’s after school programs. Since then, she has been working on grant writing and program development for CR.

Kathy is a social worker who has spent the past 30 years working to improve access to income, health care, child care and education and training for individuals and families living below the poverty level in Pennsylvania.

She has worked as a policy analyst, advocate, program developer and program administrator. As the Deputy Secretary for Income Maintenance in the Department of Public Welfare under Governor Rendell, she was responsible for administration of the TANF, Medicaid, Child Support, Employment and Training and Food Stamps program as well as for supervising the 107 county assistance offices. She also served as a senior advisor in the Governor’s Office of Health Care Reform.

More recently, Kathy worked as the director of program development for a community health center while completing a Master of Public Health degree at Johns Hopkins University.  She also worked as an adjunct professor of Social Work at Millersville University.